Soms zit het mee en soms zit het regen

Taking the DMZ bus all the Hue!

This morning we left our cosy farmstay at 07:30 with the so called Demilitarized Zone bus to get to the town pronounced as Hway (enter ‘Aha’-moment for subtitle)

The only mild discomfort was that God apparently decided to drain his pool right over the area we were in. Luckily we found shelter inside the Vihn Moc Tunnels. The painful irony of that is that these tunnels were once specifically designed to protect people from things falling out the sky. Only back then, rather than rain, it was bombs they needed protection from. An incredible network of tunnels provided shelter for entire villages that lived up to 23 metres below the surface..

Once we made it to Hue we realized we were lucky that a mere poncho solved all our problems, so we celebrated our freedom by getting soaking wet in the Imperial Citadel.

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