No Lex, my suitcase is not too small

Or so I thought.

You see, Hoi An is like a little tailor-made paradise in central Vietnam where it appears to be impossible not to spend any money. So even after getting my nails done, legs waxed and eyebrows threaded for the first time in my life, (picture me on a table with mascara tears halfway down my cheeks trying to comfort the nice Vietnamese lady that it really was not that painful) I decided to do some dress shopping.

At the same time as I was going for my first fitting, so too did Lex who also fell into custom made temptation and had two shirts made.

We quickly learned Hoi An is best enjoyed at night time when the entire town literally lights up due to the thousands of lanterns that come to live. Also, it hides some of the roads that appear to be in the process of being refurbished. I would say around 10% of the road is currently covered in road-kill rat fur. – Stylish, but we’ll stick to my chiffon dresses which fit so nicely next to Lex’s Egyptian cotton shirts at the bottom of his suitcase 😉 .

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