Last call – Ho Chi Minh City

Or as the train conductor who yelled us wake, called it: “SAIGON, SAIGON, SAIGON, SAIGON, SAIGON!!”

It was so nice to get back to Vietnam after our detour through Russia that we decided to dive straight into it by doing a street food tour in downtown Saigon, because as our student guide put it: “Ho Chi Minh is just on the maps, we all call it Saigon”

We had such a blast driving around on the back of a motor bike through rush hour in this city and trying all the amazing local food!

Apart from that, we ventured out on our own and collected the final pieces of the puzzle in our understanding of the often turbulent history of Vietnam by visiting places such as the reunification palace, the war remnants museum and the old post office before watching the sunset from the Bitexco tower to say good bye to this city and the beautiful country it belongs to.

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