Northland roadkill

Getting to know Tony did not take us very long. We know his soft spots, his weaknesses and the cheapest places to get his fuel. In return he gets us to some of the prettiest locations on this planet; It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Driving in New Zealand is like being an 8-year old on a street with candystores every other meter: You stop every chance you get and what should have taken 5,5 hours, takes 7,5.

When you’ve got a lot of road to kill, the roadkill also sparks your interest. You truly know you are far away from home when you don’t recognize the furry deadness that the hawk is feasting on in the middle of the road. Perhaps we just spotted our first kiwi. Aah, to be on the road.

Life must be good for a hawk. Just look at those views!

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