Gorgeous coves and coveous gorges

And don’t forget about the hobbits.

This particular stop was one long reminder of our next-to-nothing knowledge of byproducts of erosion. I mean, what is a cove? Is it a rounder cave or a sea cave or simply something you buy at Ikea? And a gorge? Surely it’s more than a catchy abbreviation for something that is gorgeous, right..? We would learn soon enough.

Coromandel. It’s like a place from a fairy tale. No really. How else do you explain the fact that you can dig a hole at the edge of an icy sea, to have the hole transform into a hot bath? And don’t say Geothermal activity; we need some more magic in this world.

Luckily that is exactly what I got when I left the real world and stepped into The Shire. That’s right, I paid the 84 dollars to see the film set from the Hobbit movies and luckily it was even better than second breakfast!

Also better than second breakfast (but also a bit more expensive) is the newest member to our digital family. You can spot NEO and his work in some of the pictures below.

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