On the road again

To all those of you who think that Australia and New Zealand are more similar than different: think again.

Apart from the fact that they have the same delicious brand of breakfast cereal, they are very much not the same.

Where New Zealand takes the lead in breathtaking scenery, Australia clearly wins the wildlife cup. This is why that was our main focus in venturing out to port Douglas and we were not disappointed. In a mere two days of the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree rainforrest we must have seen close to 150 different animals.

It was especially rewarding to pay for a canopy tree tour with a ‘cassowary walk’ to finally see this famous endangered bird in the parking lot and not during the actual walk. That truly is Australia though: the country makes you feel like Ash Ketchem trying to find all the exotic creatures from your Pokédex. Luckily we have many kilometres to go in our quest to become wildlife masters.

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