The Long Stretch to Fraser Island

In the time that would normally get us close to Austria, we now drove the distance from Airlie Beach to Hervey Bay. This gave us ample time to reflect on our current state of travel. Our new mode of transport is called Mandy. She is modern. With her airconditioning, smooth stirring and properly working reverse gear she is nothing like Tony. Also, she doesn’t drink as much.

As long as you don’t mind they are less wild life than wild-no-longer-alive, she will also get you up and close to some of Australias most famous animals such as eagles, bushrats, possums and kangaroos lying on the side of the road.

And all that to get to the Island that gets its name from a four time shipwrecker and hopeless romantic that got speared through the heart by an Aboriginal chief because his wife was not fond of manual labor.. (Seriously, look it up;)

It was so worth it. Fraser Island is a gorgeous place where sand makes roads and beaches make airstrips.

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